Site Showcase: Plympton Car Centre

June 2024
Now more than ever, it is important to keep your website looking fresh and up to date. Your website is often the first point of contact for many potential customers, whether they are there to browse or simply find out your opening hours, making it critical to success. Out of date designs, slow loading speeds, or clunky user journeys can make it difficult to retain customers on your site, and therefore convert leads.
Quote reads “I definitely recommend Spidersnet…it’s a great working relationship, and what we see on our website proves that” - Debbie, Plympton Car Centre
Redesigning your website might seem like an intimidating task, but it doesn’t have to be. We spoke to one of our clients, Plympton Car Centre, about their experience of going through the website redesign process with us.

Plympton Car Centre’s Vision

Plympton Car Centre came to us looking for a site that speaks to consumers in the post-pandemic world. Having had the same site for several years, they felt that their customers priorities had changed, and so had their businesses.

As such, they wanted a site that smoothed the customer journey, made things like applying for finance easier, and made every vehicle ad as accessible as it could be to their core customer. They also felt that they wanted to showcase things like reviews, make the most of their brand colours and highlight their awards to create a strong brand identity throughout the website; as a company who cares.

Take a look at their full site here.

We spoke to the team at Plympton Car Centre to find out some of the things they enjoyed the most about the process

What was your vision for the site? 

The site we had before was built before covid, and over the past five years our business has grown and customer behaviour has changed. So, we wanted something that could reflect these changes. We wanted to make financing cars more prominent, and so we have made this a clear option on every vehicle ad and on the showroom page as well – this gives us our solid leads. 

How do you feel about your refreshed Spidersnet site?

It is looking great. We still are working on parts of it, which is the nature of refreshing a website, and that is one of the reasons I love Spidersnet. We have been in constant contact with the team and they are always happy to tweak and alter things so we can get the very best online experience for our business. 

What’s your favourite thing about your site?

There’s much we love about it! I like how the vehicle details pages look now, and the functionality when you click into the monthly payments. I like how the brand logos of the cars are incorporated into the ads now, and how the reviews are so prominent. We have over 800 reviews and so many customers come to us just based off of these, so it’s great that they are now a focal point on the site. The whole site is just so slick and easy to use. 

You’ve worked with Spidersnet for a while now, how have you found working with us generally?

You’re always there if I’ve got an issue and things get changed quickly. We’ve worked with other providers who don’t really bother and if they do it’s only because there’s something new they are trying to sell, whereas Spidersnet gets into the nitty-gritty of it asking “what isn’t working, what do we need to do?” That’s what I like about Spidersnet.

What would you say to someone considering using Spidersnet as their web service provider?

I would say that I definitely recommend Spidersnet. You are efficient, you are up to date with the latest trends. I am the first to admit that I don’t build websites and things like that aren’t my forte. So I rely heavily on your professionalism and what you guys recommend. It’s normally always accurate and there’s a lot of thought put behind it. It’s a great working relationship, and what we see on our website proves that.

Like what you see?

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