InAutomotive is the number 1 recruitment website for businesses in the motor industry. Niche job boards like InAutomotive focus on quality over quantity. It may be tempting when you are looking to fill a role, to cast the net far and wide using free or generic job boards. But, this can attract a lot of unsuitable applications which can waste your valuable time. The dedicated platform will bring you the right candidates for the job role you need to fill.

The platform attracts jobseekers with specialist skills. The platform is easy to use so people can find the jobs that are most relevant to them.
InAutomotive also tailor their products and services to match the company. Regardless of your dealership’s size, budget or needs, there’s a recruitment solution for you! As a Spidersnet customer, you are able to sign up to InAutomotive today and get 25% off your fees. If you would like to find out more about InAutomotive recruitment, you can contact us here.
5 Reasons to advertise with InAutomotive
  1. Industry leader – InAutomotive is the number 1 job board for the automotive industry.
  2. Generate interest in your available jobs – The average job advert views on the platform is over 80 times.
  3. Vast network of potential employees – They have a database to over 345,000 jobseekers.
  4. Spread your job ads far and wide – InAutomovtive has partnered with some of the world’s biggest companies.
  5. They work with the best – The platform has found employees for global employers such as Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, BMW, and many more!