An entire virtual workforce, on your website

AutoConverse is a revolutionary AI communication channel for your website. Once Spidersnet adds this to your website, the platform is based on a digital representation of your dealership. A team of specialised AI bots and services work together to answer customer questions and create appointments with the highest level of accuracy

This instant response chat sets itself apart by working as different members of a dealership team. From instantly fielding reception questions such as opening hours and booking appointments, to the ability to provide vehicle specifications and answering queries about your stock, your customers can access the information they need immediately 24/7.

Key benefits of using Auto Converse

Automotive Experts: Unlike other instant chat platforms, AutoConverse is specialised for automotive dealerships, with the ability to answer specific questions on your stock. For example, if they want to know the engine size or fuel type on a car in your stock, the platform can answer this automatically, provided you have included this information in your vehicle ad. 

Cutting edge technology: AutoConverse runs on top of existing digital dealership data to create a bespoke user experience. Utilising the latest advanced AI and machine learning technology provides the automotive sector with a sophisticated and revolutionary automated chatbot.

Great insights and reporting function: Comprehensive reporting tools show how questions flow and convert in real time, with details of which AI bots are answering queries, and what information they’re using. Knowledge gaps are instantly identified and corrected from within the platform.

Always improving: AutoConverse is constantly evolving and improving as it processes higher volumes of customer queries. As the capabilities of AI continue to advance, so does AutoConverse

These are just some of the excellent benefits that AutoConverse can bring to your online presence. If you would like to find out more information regarding AutoConverse, we are more than happy to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.