The Essential Guide: Maximise Your Potential with Google Vehicle Ads

March 2024

Google Vehicle Ads are officially here, but maximising their effectiveness will still require some effort. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’re thrilled to be offering Google Vehicle Ads in our marketing packages, so you can benefit from this new advertising opportunity!

Explore the world of Google Vehicle Ads and discover what we can do to help you unlock the full potential of this form of advertising. From leveraging Google’s powerful targeting capabilities, to reaching the right audience, we are here to guide you.

Maximise your potential and revolutionise your marketing with Google Vehicle Ads

What are Google Vehicle Ads? 

Google Vehicle Ads work similar to other Google shopping ads you may have seen. When completing a search for something like clothing or household items, you might see a carousel of ads along the top, all of which are similar to, or exactly what you have just searched for. 

Google Vehicle Ads will work exactly the same. When someone searches for a specific make and model of car or even just a general term like “Audi Cars Near Me”, they will see the ads at the top of the search results page featuring cars available at nearby dealerships. When clicked these ads drive consumers directly to the vehicle on the dealer’s website.

For more information about Google Vehicle Ads and why you should be using them as part of your advertising strategy, click here. 

Who are Google Vehicle Ads for?

These ads are sure to be a big win for every dealer. From small independent to franchise dealerships, this new product will utilise Google’s machine learning software and enhanced targeting capabilities to disrupt how consumers search for cars and will surely be a direct threat to classified marketplaces.

What Should I Expect to Pay for Google Vehicle Ads? 

These ads are a form of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. This means you only pay every time somebody clicks on the ad. You may have used PPC advertising before to boost your dealership to the top of the Google Search Engine Results Page, or seen competitor dealerships sitting at the top of Google when you search for your business name. These ads work in a similar way, using keywords that people might search for such as ‘used BMW near me’ or ‘BMW dealerships [location]’ to show your ad at the top of the results page. If you want to know more about PPC, read our guide here.

What can Spidersnet do to help? 

We are now offering Google Vehicle Ads as an option to our customers, and the good news is, we will handle it all for you, meaning you can just sit back and watch the enquiries roll in!

Our team of experts will work closely with you to formulate goals for your campaigns, as well as identifying the best targeting options for you. This will include discussing with you the areas of the country you wish to target (we suggest a 15-20 mile radius around your business location), and some things about your core customer such as average age or income. 

Ads will then be created, based on your vehicle stock feed from Autopromotor, which we will link directly to Google so your ads can run automatically throughout the day. For example, this means that if you sell a car, it will no longer appear as an ad, and new stock can be added to your campaign within hours of it being  added to Autopromotor, 

We will sync everything to your Google account, meaning that the results can be viewed in Google Analytics and our experts will continuously work to optimise your campaign to ensure you are getting the best results for your budget. We will provide you with regular reports on how many leads you are getting. This will include reach, clicks, calls to your dealership, and, thanks to integration with Google Maps, even how many people who visit your dealership that have seen your ads. 

Ready to get started? Read on to view some important information you need to know, or click here to submit an enquiry and we will call you back!

What are the UK guidelines for Google Vehicle Ads?

There are a few key guidelines to note that apply to everyone using Google Vehicle Ads. So that you have all the information you might need in one place, one of our experts has outlined some of the most important things you need to know in a nutshell.

Good Images are Key

By now, you already know the importance of good images to sell your cars. With Google Vehicle Ads, this is still the case. A minimum of four good quality, clear, original images of each vehicle is recommended. Google’s software will detect stock photos or placeholder images, so the quicker you can get images into Autopromotor, the better. 

The More Detail the Better

When you upload your stock to Autopromotor, the VRM look-up will already be adding the basics. However, if there are extra features such as premium tyres or parking assist, make sure you add these to Autopromotor too. Not only will this showcase your stock in the best possible way on your site, it will also provide great selling points for your Google Vehicle Ads. 

For more information on Google’s guidelines for Vehicle Ads, read more here

There you have it!

The ultimate guide to everything you need to know about Google Vehicle Ads. We hope we have covered everything in the guide, but if you have any questions or want to talk about your potential options with the format, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by hitting the link below!

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