Google Vehicle Ads are Coming – What You Need to Know

January 2024

It’s official! Google Vehicle Ads are coming to the UK! But why is this such a big deal? And how can it help your business? That’s where we come in. 

Making sales targets can sometimes feel like an insurmountable task, and in challenging financial times such as these, marketing spend is often the first thing to be reduced. That’s where Google Vehicle Ads can help, which will be launched in the UK very soonAlready live in the US, Canada and Australia, early successes with them has convinced the tech giant to expand the capabilities across the pond, providing UK car dealers with what might be one of the most effective digital marketing solutions yet. 

With Google’s huge user base, its data-driven approaches to marketing and efficient targeting capabilities, effective advertising is available to every dealership, large and small. But what exactly are Google Vehicle Ads and, most importantly, how can they help you? 

Read on to discover what Google Vehicle ads can do for you and your dealership.

What are they?

In the current economic climate, large marketing spends can be difficult to justify. This is why data-driven digital advertising is so important. Google Vehicle Ads means that you can leverage the vast user base and data-driven approach that Google is renowned for. By allowing dealers to tailor their advertisements to reach specific audiences based on user behaviour, preferences, and demographics, you can make sure that your marketing spend is being used in the most efficient way possible. 

Working in a similar way to Google product ads, details of vehicles for sale that match the users search terms are presented at the top of the results page. Working in conjunction with Google’s location data and Google maps, advertisements are placed in front of buyers who are already looking for deals in their area. By making the most of them, you could bring inbound leads to your site from customers who are much further down the road on their purchase journey, giving you the chance to make a quick conversion. 

Currently in their beta version in the US and other territories, below are some of the features we can expect to see in Google Vehicle Ads once they land in the UK.

How can they help you?

You can target customers who already know what they want

One of the standout features of Google Vehicle Ads is its ability to target advertisements to users actively searching for specific information on certain vehicles. For example, if a user is browsing for used Ford Fiestas, they will encounter ads from dealerships specialising in those types of vehicles. Essentially, customers who know what they want will see your business, and see that you cater for their needs. 

You can showcase your inventory to local customers

Google Vehicle Ads also offer a feature known as Local Inventory Ads. This feature will allow you to showcase your available inventory to local customers actively searching for cars near them. Customers can view detailed information about the vehicles in stock, such as model, price, and availability, helping them to make informed decisions about their potential purchase.

You can integrate with Google Maps, so everyone can find you 

Research has shown that the brick-and-mortar dealership still plays a key role for customers on their purchasing journey, and online-only sales are still not leading the pack when it comes to conversions. Customers still want to ‘kick the tyres’, so to speak. That’s why integrating ads with Google maps is key. Potential buyers can not only view ads but also check real-time inventory, and so easily plan their visit to your showroom floor.

Data, Data, Data 

Perhaps most importantly, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of your advertisements. From click-through rates to user engagement metrics, you can access all the key information you need to further refine your advertising strategy, and get even better results next time!

In Conclusion…

Google Vehicle Ads are sure to be a great digital marketing solution for anyone looking to expand their reach and drive more qualified leads to their dealership. But, we know that not everyone will have the time to build them themselves. The good news is that we are here to help you. Spidersnet will be offering Google Vehicle Ads as a digital marketing solution, so simply by providing us with some of your key goals, you can sit back, relax and let us handle the technical side! 

No time for marketing? Let us handle it

We can provide digital marketing solutions to suit every goal and every budget. From SEO packages, to Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads, and soon Google Vehicle Ads, talk to us today about your goals and we can help turn them into a reality.