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Did you know that consumers are spending as much as 50 days researching before they purchase their next vehicle? That’s why it is so important to have a robust digital marketing strategy; one that helps you stand out from the crowd and gets your stock in front of more customers whilst they are carrying out their research. 

This is where a solution like Google Vehicle Ads can excel. Read on to find out about Google Vehicle Ads and what they can do for you and your business.

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What are Google Vehicle Ads?

Google Vehicle Ads are the latest innovation from Google that allows dealers to showcase their stock on the world’s largest search platform. You may have seen, when searching for clothes or household items on Google, a carousel of items that match your search criteria appear at the top, or down the side, of the search results. When you click on these, you will then be taken to the business selling this item. Well, these work exactly the same, just for used cars.

When someone searches for a specific make and model of car, or even just a general term like “BMW Cars Near Me”, they will see a carousel of ads at the top of the search results page featuring cars available at nearby dealerships.

What Are the Benefits of Using 
Google Vehicle Ads?

There are many benefits of including Google Vehicle Ads in your marketing strategy. We’ve listed some of the key benefits below, so you can see just how much you can gain from adding them to your marketing.

Cost effective marketing solution

 Although relatively new to the UK, these ads have been available across the US and Australia for a couple of years, and results indicate that advertisers see a greater return on their investment, paying less per result than Facebook advertising or traditional PPC methods. For more information on these forms of advertising, take a look here.

Highly targeted to those who have already searched for what you sell

Google is truly a powerhouse of data. By targeting customers in your area and those who have already searched or shown interest in the kind of stock you sell, you will be placing your vehicle ads in front of those who are a little further down the road on their purchase journey.

See more traffic to your website

Boosting web traffic is a great bonus of Google Vehicle Ads. By showcasing your stock this way, customers can click on an item that interests them and be taken to your site. There, you can show off other similar vehicles, after sales care, your knowledge and expertise, your excellent customer reviews and so much more.

Receive detailed reports, and make the most of your budget

As you would expect from Google, the reports you will receive are extremely detailed, allowing you to learn from your campaigns and take any lessons forward to make the most of your budget. Our experts will be happy to walk you through your reports and recommend improvements and tweaks for the next time!

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Case Study

Since we started offering Google Vehicle Ads, many of our customers have jumped at the chance to give them a try. If you are not sure if they are for you, take a look at how one of our clients got on for their first campaign:

UK Dealer – 1 Month Campaign – £1000 campaign budget

  • 1818 clicks to their website
  • £0.45 cost per click
  • 79 qualified sales leads generated 

If this dealership converted every one of those leads, we don’t need to tell you how much they could see returned on a £1000 advertising spend!