Industry leading supplier of digital commerce solutions for motor dealers!

Codeweavers is an industry leading supplier of digital commerce services for motor dealers. Products include Finance Calculators, Buy It and Reserve It Now solutions, and more! They work with you, the dealer, to offer a seamless buying experience to both you and your customers. Being a Spidersnet customer, you can get two months of free access to their products thanks to Autopromotor Advantage! Find out more about Finance Integration Tools here.

Which products are on offer?

Remote Apply

Industry leading finance calculators

Our Spidersnet team can integrate Codeweavers’ finance calculators into your website. This allows you to invite your customers to apply for finance wherever they are! Create as many finance quotes as you like on as many vehicles as you like. Provide your customers with all the options they may need.


Sell your vehicles online direct to customers.

This product allows customers buy vehicles via your website from the comfort of their own home . This means that they don’t even need to visit your dealership to buy a vehicle from you. Checkout also allows your customers the chance to add optional extras. These include applying for finance and arrange collection or delivery.

Reserve it Now

Allow your customers to reserve your vehicles from the comfort of their own home.

This is a handy tool for used car dealers. Customers can reserve a specific vehicle by paying a refundable reservation fee online.
If you wish, you can then let them know if any other customers are looking at the same vehicle.
The ‘Reserve It Now’ tool is fantastic for helping your customers know that if they don’t reserve now, they might end up missing out!
You can also refund deposits for any customers who reserve a vehicle but don’t end up purchasing it.