Fun and engaging ideas for social media posts

When we speak to clients one of the most common questions we get asked is ‘what should I be posting to Facebook and Twitter?’. We understand that it can be hard to be creative on social media, especially if you don’t have a dedicated marketing member of staff and need to fit your posting around your other day-to-day jobs. That’s why we thought we’d put together a bundle of ideas for fun things you could post and regular features that you could adopt and post online once a week.

We’d advise you to continue posting relevant news articles, links to your stock and behind the scenes photos and videos from your dealership. But here are some other ideas for more fun and entertaining posts that could come in handy.


Throwback Thursdays

Throwback Thursdays have become a common trend on social media sites with many businesses adopting them to drive engagement. All they entail is a post that harps back to a bygone era, tapping into people’s nostalgic side to drive likes, shares and comments.

If you have a bundle of old grainy photographs of your dealership and cars that you used to sell, why not post a picture of one of them each week on Thursday? Simply write something along the line of: “Throwback Thursday: Here is another old picture of the dealership back in the day…” If you’re doing this on Twitter then be sure to use the hashtag – #ThrowbackThursday.

If you don’t have any old pictures of your dealership, then why not grab some pictures of old cars from around the web? Remember, social media is a very visual medium and people love looking at stylish pictures of classic cars. You could even get old pictures of your staff as children and upload them.


Guess the car

Speaking of igniting competitive streaks, if there’s one thing that will get people engaged it is a classic ‘guess the car’ type post. All you need to do is take a close up picture of a part of one of the cars on your forecourt and post it to Facebook or Twitter asking people to guess the make and model.

People love these sorts of posts, especially car fans who will take great pride in knowing the answer. If you don’t have the resources to take nice pictures of a car on your forecourt then you could use old photos you’ve taken and crop them to make it more difficult.

You should always encourage people to guess in the comments and don’t forget to reveal the car at the end. As with all of these suggestions, you could make this a regular weekly post.


Car of the week

Another nice feature that you can run regularly would be a ‘car of the week’. All you need to do is pick a different car that you like each week and post it to Facebook. It really is that simple. Whilst this might not garner as much engagement as a competition post like the couple listed above, it’s still a nice touch and allows you to express some opinions on the cars you love.


We’ve already established that people enjoy engaging with posts that test their knowledge and allow them to show off some expertise, however, people also like to express their opinions on social media. You can tap into this by creating polls on Facebook and Twitter

To do this you could take two cars and stick them next to each other and ask people which they prefer, or even ask them which carving should win – like we did! You’d be surprised how many people will respond.


People might not feel like responding, but if they see that their favourite of the two is failing to attract votes then they may feel compelled to get involved. You could put two manufacturers against each other; two supercars could go head to head, or you could ask people to choose between two Bond cars. The options are up to you!


Ask questions

OK, so this might not strictly fall under the ‘fun’ category, but all dealerships should be asking questions on Facebook and Twitter. By actively asking your followers what they think you are directly engaging them in a conversation. This is a great way of building engagement on your page and allows you to speak personally to potential customers.


We’d recommend adding a question to the end of almost every post that you put online. Say you’re uploading a picture of a brand new Ferrari as your latest ‘Car of the Week’. You could find a nice picture, post it to Facebook, and then finish the post by asking your followers which new supercar they’d most like to drive; or which is their favourite Ferrari from throughout history. The possibilities are endless. Just keep asking yourself, ‘How can I encourage people to engage with this post?’.


Some other ideas

The suggestions listed above are merely a drop in the water. Facebook and Twitter offer you plenty of opportunities to engage your audience as you see fit, trying out new ideas and testing theories along the way.

As well as the ideas we’ve included so far, we thought we’d run you through a handful of other posts that you could use to drive some more engagement.

  • Riddles or anagrams – Remember, that people love to be challenged and enjoy showing off to their friends when they know the answer. You could easily put together some nice fun posts that ask your followers to solve a riddle or an anagram.
  • Caption competitions – These are really simple and can be very effective. Simply find a funny or interesting photograph, post it to your social media pages and ask your customers to come up with a caption for the post. You could even offer a prize for the best caption.
  • Inspirational quotes – There are thousands of inspirational quotes to be found online. And social media has become awash with them over the last few years. Because of that, I wouldn’t advise you to post too many of them, but one every once in a while can help boost engagement.
  • Fill in the blanks – Another nice and easy one to pull off. You just write the start of a sentence and then leave your customers to write the rest. Something like the following would be perfect: ‘The best car of the last decade is________________’

Anyway, we hope that this guide has been a help to you and your dealership. This guide is in place to offer you inspiration when it comes to the more light hearted and fun side of social media. Don’t ignore all the other things you should be posting such as links to stock, behind the scenes images, pictures of happy customers, links to relevant news articles and more. Just make sure that you’re posting these alongside the ideas that are listed in this guide!